IMPERMEABILIZANTE E-88 is a coating formulated based on innerly plasticised resins in water dispersion, which offers the best properties of waterproofing, weather resistance and excellent elasticity.
The coating resists great temperature variations, not losing its waterproofing or resistance properties.





Density : 1.27 ± 0.05 gr./cm.3

Appearance : Tixothropic dispersion

Drying time at 20ºC and 55% H.R. : Touch 2 hours - Total 8 hours

Repainted, min. 8 hours.

Recommended amount : 2 kg./m2 in several coats

Application : Brush or roller

Diluent : Water

Adherence : Perfect on properly conditioned support




As waterproofing for terraces, roofs, joints between roof and vertical walls, flat roofs, waterways, façades, fiber cement roofs, etc.

It should not be applied on surfaces which are to be in permanent contact with water or for waterproofing which are to be paved on top.




Surfaces must be dry and free from grease, oil, dust or any other pollutant.
Surfaces with no roughness or porosity need to be mechanically or chemically roughened with our DESCA-2F, rinsing with plenty of water in order to remove every product remaining.





Before using the product it's recommended to stir the containers. Once the surface is conditioned, apply the first coat of IMPERMEABILIZANTE E-88 diluted with 10% water and spread covering the whole area.

Apply the second coat after 8 hours, non-diluted and trying to leave high thickness. The rest of coats must wait the above-mentioned repainting periods.

In cracks it's recommended to apply our TELA DE ARMAR made of glass fiber, alongside, with a width of about 15-20 cm. After the first coat, when it's still wet, place the fabric pressing with the roller in order to soak it in product.

In joints between floor and wall, the product should go up for about 25 cm.

If it's desired to place TELA DE ARMAR on the whole surface to be waterproofed, it will be placed after the first coat, when it's still wet and pressing with the roller in order to soak the fabric. In joints between wall and floor, the fabric should go up the wall about 25 cm, just like the product.

In order to assure a perfect waterproofing, it's recommended to apply 2 kg per square meter in several coats, with different colours in order to check there are no uncovered areas.





It's not recommended its application in the following conditions:

- If rain is expected before total drying of the product.

- If there were risk of frost in 12 hours after applying the product.

- If temperature is below 12 ºC.

- If relative humidity is above 80%.

When weather conditions are critical, not reaching the above mentioned ones:

- Use the hours in the day when the temperature is the highest.

- Apply thinner coats.

- Increase repainting periods up to 24 or 48 hours in order to assure good drying of the applied coats.




The product must be stored in tightly closed containers, and protected from frost. The storage life in these conditions is 1 year.




IMPERMEABILIZANTE E-88 is supplied in white, grey, cream, red, green and black.




25 kg plastic containers.

ADVANTAGES            * Easy application.

                                  * Long-lasting roof waterproofing.

                                  *Permanent elasticity with time.