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Precise Injection Machine

Electric Epoxy Injection Machine Model MC2

Precise gears pumps, automatical mixer

Special Application

No need to V-cut the cracks on concrete surface.  The rubber on the nozzles is closely in contact with the crack surface and epoxy is injected to the crack by a low-speed, high pressure pump machine.  The crack is thoroughly sealed and thus the integrity of structure is maintained.


The gears pumps of Model MC2 Epoxy Injection Machine is driven by a low speed motor. The pressure generated by the precise gear pump can reach 35 bars (35kg/cubic cm2). When the pump is not in operation, the pressure can remain 15 bars and steadily inject epoxy into the hairline cracks.

Reliable & Durable

The gear pump is made of stainless steel alloy and the metallic accessories is made of aluminum alloy.  Equipped with high pressure PVC epoxy delivery pipes, the epoxy injection pump can be used for more than 10 years under a condition of proper maintenance.

One Man Operates

The injection and monitoring processes are handled easily by one person at the area of application.

Clean Up Easily

The epoxy and its hardner are delivered separately with high pressured PVC pipes and delivered to nozzle for mixing.  After operation, only the accessories of the nozzle is required to be cleaned up.

Small Size

Body size : 450mm(h) x 250mm(w) x 360mm(h)

Weight : approx. 20kg with easy mobilization.

No waste of materials

The epoxy and its harder is separately stored in two containers in the machine body.  No need to mix manually before application, saving the use of materials and avoding worries of operating times of applicaiton.