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Cement Accelerating Additive

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R2000 is an extremely versatile calcuium choloride based cement admixture with plasticising and accelerating properties. It is in liquid form of deep brown in color and could be diluted with water for the application with cement as a mixture additive.


- heavy duty floor screeds

- granulated toppings

- cement renders

- quick-dry cement

- concrete under water


Taking general application of floor screeds and wall renders for an example, they are made by adding 2.5kg of R2000 firstly with 15kg of water and then mixed with cement and aggregates in usual way. To be consistent with workability and good compaction, water is adjusted as necessary. If structural thickness is more than 150mm, only 1.5kg of R2000 is required to be added with 50kg of cement.

If R2000 is used as quick-dry cement as water-stop, it is only mixed with cement without addition of water. Using gloved hand or a trowel, hold until it gets hot and force the putty into the leaks for 45 seconds to 1 minute for setting. Attempting to localize the leaking area, install inlets for injecting water-reacting foam and seal with epoxy mortar to strengthen the waterproofing effects.

Technical Data:

  R2000 mortar

Ordinary cement  mortar

0.5N/mm2 2.75 hrs 4.5 hrs
3.5N/mm2 3.5 hrs 9 hrs
compressive strength
24 hrs 11.2N/mm2 6.9N/mm2
7 days 33.3N/mm2 26.2N/mm2
28 days 44.2 N/mm2 39.7 N/mm2

Note:R2000 cannot be used in mortar with reinforced concrete and concrete containing embedded metals.



rapid hardens, essential in cold weather application.


improves compaction and compressive strengths, gives floors a longer life and better resistance to aggressive agents.


enchances workability.


allows water reducion, therfore minimizes shrinkage.


seals leak, essential for those continous leaking areas in underground, tunnel work and hill slopes etc.

Storage :

Stored in closed comtainers in cool dry place. The shelf life is 12 months.

Packing :5 and 25 liters