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Epoxy Coating

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RC120 is a solvent-free epoxy resin compound specially formulated for the repair of faulty concrete, curing at low temperature and high humidity.  The cured resin exhibit several outstanding properties, such as high mechanical strength, excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates, outstanding resistance against water and chemicals, negligible shringkage, etc.



honey comb concrete repairs


fixing anchorage for machinery in the concrete and rock.


Heavy duty and chemical resistant flooring.


Concrete crack repairs by V-cut method.


Abrasive and waterproofing coating to a wide range of substrates.

Properties before curing

RC120 (PartA) (Part B) (A+B)
Color Grey Transparent Grey
Viscosity(cps) 4000 4500 4300
Density(/cm3) 1.5g 1.1g 1.4g

Properties after curing (for concrete repairs)

bulletDensity 2g/cm3
bulletColor Grey (turns to be deeper after exposure to sunlight)
bulletCompressive strength >80N/mm2

Chemical Resistance

Excellent resistant to water, acid and alkaline and alcohol.

Mixing Ratio

Part A : Part B = 3: 1

Practical applications Part A Part B Sand
Concrete repairs 3 1 16
Steel bars anchorage 3 1 8
V-cutting crack repairs 3 1
Waterproofing and                  anti-corrosive coating 3 1

Heavy duty and chemical resisting flooring:

  1st layer

  2nd layer

  final layer

3 1
3 1 16
3 1

Time of Workability

Within 1 hour (250C)

Curing Time

Within 20 hours (250C)

Application notes

  1. Correct mixing ratio and thorough mixing are important for complete chemical reaction of two components.
  2. The surface of application must be structurally sound, clean and free of grease.
  3. The mechanical property is greatly determined by the compaction during the curing process of the epoxy/sand mortar


Properly stored indoor with ventilation, avoiding direct sunlight and heat. Shelf life is 12 months.