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SDP waterproofing membrane is a liquid applied tar extended polyurethane system designed to provide effective and seamless waterproofing layer. Application is by soft brush, trowel or spray and it cures rapidly ti form a tough rubber like flexible coating which is completely imperious to water and water vapour. Unlike sheet membrane, the problems of overlaps and poor adhension to the substrate are easy to eliminate. On the other hand , the evenness of thickness of the SDP waterproofing membrane can be controlled and reinforced by putting a polyester fiber mesh between layers of its application. The thickness should be around 1.5-3mm.


SDP waterproofing membrane is applied directly to the concrete substrate and may be applied on ground floors, foundations and basements, tunnels, car decks, roof gardens, patios, balconies, bridges, inspection pits, water retaining structures (non-drinking), foundation and cavity walls, plaza decks, roof terraces, sewage work tanks, or anywhere where migrant or stationary water is an actual or potential problem.


Concrete finishes should be reasonably sound and flat to permit an even coverage and acvoid excessive use of the materials. All surface must be properly cured, clean, dry, free of dirt, dust, oil, grease, mortar droppings and foreign matter. Wet surface may be dry with torch and dust may be removed by compressed air prior to application. All right angle should be trimmed with an approximate 45 degree angles to avoid any sharp points. After application of SDP waterproofing membrane, a protection course should be applied on the top of it either with a thin sand/cement screed when more floorings are being applied on or with an ultra-violet reflective paint when traffic is light.


5kgs or 25kgs in 2 drums with a ratio of 1:2 in volume.


Hardness 40-50(shore)
Heat resistance 150oC
Cold resistance -30oC
Tensil adhensive strenght 1000N/cm2 bonded with concrete
Tensil strenght 150N/cm2
Elongation 300%
Tear strenght Thick in 1.2-1.5mm tolerates a crack of 2mm wide
Water resistance Pressure 0.3 Mpa for 1 hour
Acid resistance 1% H2SO4 for 15 days
Alkaline resistance Saturated Ca(OH)2 for 12 days
Curing time 2 hours

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