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General Description

Lilicatight Clear-M is a more advanced transparent protective coating for metal surface which prevents your decorative metal parts such as brass, copper, aluminium and stainless steel etc. from fading out of gloss, stain, rust and corrosion.

Its application is simple and easy without any priming process.  No more polishing is required and it makes your decorative metal parts last longer.

Available Surfaces

Decorative metal such as brass, copper, aluminium and stainless steel.

Color Availability


Surface Preparation

Surface should be cleaned and polished, by Lilicatight Enamel Thinner, unless it is free from dirts, oil, chemicals, finger print, and corrosion.

Mixing Ratio

Lilicatight Clear-M Base : Hardener : Thinner=3.5kg : 0.3kg : 0.3-0.9kg


Apply 2 coats of Lilicatight Clear-M (0.3-0.4kg/m2/2coats).   Recoating time must be within 1-4 hours and 24hours are required for final curing.

Mixed material must be applied within 4 hours.

Painting Equipment

Air spray gun or Airless spray gun:


Size of nozzle             :1.3mm


Air pressure                 :3.0kgf/cm2


Air comsumption        :195ltr/min


Material output             :160cc/min

In case of air spray gun:


Material feed                 :Gravity cup

Roller and brush are available for minor part.


Silicon Resin Paint

Urethane Base Paint

Commentary on test
Contacted angle H2O of surface(o) 84 83 Larger figure shows more water-repellent
Silent frinction coefficient 0.47 0.51 Smaller figure shows more dust-proofness
Absorbability(wt%) 0.43 0.63 Smaller figure shows more water-proofness
Water vapour permeability 9.45 31 Larger figure shows more respiration of coating film
Oxygen transmit coefficient 0.91 2.6 Smaller figure shows more density of coating film
Light trnsmit percentage(%) 90 90 Transparency of resin
Tensil strength at 25oC 3.4 2.2 Film hardness at normal temperature
Tensil strength at 50oC 1.5 2.1 Film hardness at high temperature
Stretch percentage at 25oC 3 67 Larger figure shows high elasticity of film
Stretch percentage at 50oC 50 108 -Ditto-
Tear strenght(Kg/mm) 1.5 2.2 -Ditto-
Bending resistance 195 220 Larger figure shows more bending strength
Glass transition point(oC) 30 44 Theoretical heat-resistance
Shrinkage(%)120oC x 600hrs -2.0 -2.1 In comparison with the condition at 20oC
Shrinkage(%)-20oC x 24hrs 0 0 -Ditto-
Volume proper resistance(Ωcm x 1016) 1.2 0.6 Larger figure shows more electric conduction of film

Packing Style


Lilicatight Clear-M Base & Hardener         3.8kg/set


Lilicant Enamel Thinner                             4ltr/can


The above technical information/values are given to the best of our knowledge based on laboratory tests and practical experience.  However due to different application, site conditions and constraints which are beyond our control, we are not liable for any circumstances due to or relating to the application or usage of our products.  We reserve the right to alter or modify and data given without any prior notice, therefore it is best to contact us should you have any doubts or enquiries.