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           Cement Based Waterproofing Agent


Hydraulic waterproofing material used to prevent and eliminate above and below the underground water level.

Tecmadry achieves an efficient waterproofing effect of the surfaces on which it is applied, stopping water from going through them; it works in favour of  and against water pressure. It is a waterproofing material with physical and chemical adherence to the support. As it is so easy to apply, it becomes the best and most economical waterproofing system in the market.

Tecmadry does mot change the support conditions of vapour interchange, thus allowing it to breathe naturally.  Thanks to its white color, the waterproofings of facades are performed in many ocassions with no additional cost of painting as the finishings are aesthetically excellent.

Tecmadry is registered in the Ministry of Health, No.39.01224/M-02379 for use with drinking water. The effectiveness of our product has been recognised, amongst others by the Institute of Building Sciences "Eduardo Torroja" according to D.I.T.262, as well as by Telefonica de Espana, with homologation 367/22.

Field of Application:

Tecmadry is recommended to treat and prevent dampness, achieving an unbeatable waterproofing effect on: inner walls and exteriors of basements and air chambers, facades, elevator wells, tunnels and galleries, deposits, cisterns and swimming pools, ponds and fountains, silos, dams, garage walls, etc.